<//4>Does CartoonNetwork.com collect any personal information about my child?

Does CartoonNetwork.com collect any personal information about my child?

Cartoon Network is committed to providing fun, safe and secure sites for people of all ages. We are dedicated to safeguarding all personal information collected online and to helping our visitors learn how to exercise control over personal information while exploring the Internet.

Because many visitors to our sites are children, we make efforts to ensure that children access only the content that is appropriate for them. In addition, we employ special measures to help children protect their privacy while online. For example, in the areas of Mini Match where a child can engage in chat, the dictionaries are limited to words we have approved with no obscene or offensive terms included in the dictionary and without numerals or spelled out numbers that might facilitate sharing addresses or phone numbers. We also do not ask children to disclose more personal information than is necessary for them to participate in a particular activity.

To read more about the type of information Cartoon Network collects online, we encourage you to view our Privacy Policy.
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