<//3>Why does CartoonNetwork.com sometimes ask for my child’s email address?

Why does CartoonNetwork.com sometimes ask for my child’s email address?

Entry into Cartoon Network online contests and sweepstakes usually requires an email address that we use only for identifying and notifying the winners.  In addition, we offer registration for some of our content applications and gaming sites, such as Mini Match, in order to provide an improved and interactive playing experience where kids can save credits, get cool gear, challenge other players in multiplayer games, and engage in other fun activities.

For Mini Match specifically, we ask for a player's email address as part of registration. For children under the age of 13, we will ask for the child's email address, which will not be stored in a retrievable form but instead using a "hash" or unique code generated from the email address that will allow us on a one-time basis, for example, to respond to an inquiry from the child regarding a lost user name or password. We also may ask for a parental email address for children under age 13 who register in order to provide notice to the parent that his or her child would like to participate in registration for certain interactive features. For individuals age 13 and over, we may collect and store an email address to use in the case of forgotten passwords and to send newsletters and/or marketing information for which the individual has consented.

To read more about how Cartoon Network uses information collected online, we encourage you to view our Privacy Policy.
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